Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 16.27.43 Open Europe: A free trading Britain could prosper outside the EU

24 Mar, 2015 - A new Open Europe report to be launched this evening in Westminster has found that an outward-looking Britain would prosper outside the EU. The report found… Read more

Localism-1 Why is localism important?

24 Mar, 2015 - How subsidiarity inspires civic engagement – and thereby good democracy Where Conservative governance is, in a word, subsidiarity; Socialist governance is centralisation. The AECR’s Reykjavik Declaration explains… Read more

tunisia_hostages_1_3236781b AECR condemns terrorist attacks in Tunis

19 Mar, 2015 - The AECR has condemned the horrific terrorist attacks in Tunis yesterday. Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid, who was elected only last month, said in a news conference that… Read more

The European Commission's new President Juncker rings the bell as he chairs the first official meeting in Brussels Juncker: "time has come to deepen European integration"

17 Mar, 2015 - Jean-Claude Juncker called for deeper European integration at an event hosted by Friends of Europe in Brussels this week. The President of the European Commission made the comments following the relaunch of talks on further… Read more

iceland Iceland withdraws EU membership application

13 Mar, 2015 - Following extensive talks with European Union officials over the past few weeks, the Icelandic Government has decided not to restart accession negotiations with the troubled bloc and asked… Read more

naira2 Congratulations to New Prosperous Armenia Leader

6 Mar, 2015 - Ms Naira Zohrabyan MP, Secretary General and Chair of the Standing Committee on European Integration from Prosperous Armenia Party has been elected as the new party chairperson at their 8th… Read more

whistleblowers EU Ombudsman criticises delay in EU whistleblower safeguards

3 Mar, 2015 - The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has criticised seven European Union institutions for failing to update their internal whistleblower rules – over 1 year after they were meant to be… Read more

Untitled-2 Civitas study calls for red-lines in UK's EU renegotiation

2 Mar, 2015 - A new wide-ranging study of the UK's position in Europe has appraised the options for reform and has set out the possibilities for the British government in its renegotiation… Read more

1a16f3b4ad4dbb7e60f51ba4395e5cc0_L EAPL increases share of the vote in Lithuanian regional elections

2 Mar, 2015 - The AECR's Lithuanian member, the EAPL, celebrated a great victory in the Vilnius Region following this Sunday's Lithuanian regional elections. EAPL, which formed the 'Block of Valdemar Tomaševski' coalition… Read more



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AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul