49c5b1b0dff91e30680f6a70670078a4 Thousands Protest Election Results in Poland

14 Dec, 2014 - Thousands of people gathered at the Three Crosses square in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday to protest the results of recent local elections — elections which Law and Justice party leader… Read more

z.hashemi20111224155640827 Lithuanians disagree with Government decision to join the euro

12 Dec, 2014 - A survey carried out in Lithuania just one month before the introduction of the euro has found that 49% of Lithuanians believe that their governments decision to join… Read more

eu-crisis-1 Study confirms growing scepticism for European project

11 Dec, 2014 - New research by a group of economists paints a increasingly grim picture of the European project from the perspective of European citizens. Following an analysis of four decades of Eurobarometer public… Read more

zileB Roberts Zile: Latvian Government chooses right priorities for EU presidency

5 Dec, 2014 - ECR Latvian MEP Roberts Zile believes the incoming Latvian Presidency has identified the right priorities for its six months presidency of the European Council by choosing to focus on a competitive… Read more

Stortinget_och_de_Nordiska_flaggorna_(Bilden_ar_tagen_vid_Nordiska_radets_session_i_Oslo,_2003) New study finds that less than 10% of Norway's laws emanate from Brussels

3 Dec, 2014 -   Study finds that less than 10% of Norway's laws came from the EU between 2000-13. Regularly quoted figure of 75% shown to be grossly exaggerated. Norwegian… Read more

kamall juncker Juncker questioned over details of EU investment proposal

28 Nov, 2014 - European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) President Syed Kamall has asked European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to give the real detail behind the €315bn EU Investment Package announced on… Read more

pope-europarliament-1024x643 Pope calls for EU reform in speech to European Parliament

26 Nov, 2014 - In a much anticipated speech given to the European Parliament yesterday (Tuesday), His Holiness Pope Francis called on the European Union to reform or face the increasing mistrust… Read more

FOX Ashley Fox named leader of UK Conservative MEPs

25 Nov, 2014 - Ashley Fox has been elected leader of the British Conservative delegation in the European Parliament today in a ballot of his colleagues after former delegation leader Syed Kamall… Read more

회의 14 AECR participates at IDU meeting in Seoul

24 Nov, 2014 - AECR was delighted to participate at the 2014 Party Leaders' Meeting of the International Democrat Union (IDU) in Seoul last week, hosted by the South Korea ruling Saenuri Party. Particularly pleasing… Read more



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AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul