bild1 "Please don’t let Greece die!" appeals Professor Starbatty

4 Feb, 2016 - German Professor of Economics and AECR member Joachim Starbatty (ALFA) argues that the crisis in Greece isn't solved at all. Its fundamental problem, the single European currency, still… Read more

IcelandEU Vast majority of Icelanders oppose EU accession

3 Feb, 2016 - Almost 60% of Iceland’s population is against accession to the European Union. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RUV published a recent Gallup poll according to which 59.1% of Icelanders oppose… Read more

migrant camp Slovakia: migrant quota system is not working

2 Feb, 2016 - Slovakia’s Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak called for a rethink in the migrant crisis because the European compulsory quota system is not working. According to Reuters, Lajcak said that… Read more

noua_republica Noua Republic supports Poland's conservative path

1 Feb, 2016 - Romanian political party New Republic (NR) has expressed its support for Poland's governing Law and Justice (PiS) party, criticising attempts by European officials to impose leftist values on… Read more

55f955f9c4618862708b456e EU states seek two-year Schengen suspension

26 Jan, 2016 - EU member states last night asked the EU Commission to prepare for a two-year suspension of the EU's borderless Schengen agreement. After an informal meeting of EU home… Read more

article Poland wary of joining euro in a hurry

20 Jan, 2016 - Poland's new government will not seek to join the euro in the near future, Finance Minister Pawel Szalamacha said in Berlin yesterday. At a joint news conference with the… Read more

eu-tax-evasion-154055656-1024x681 Germany proposes new EU tax to pay for EU policy failures

18 Jan, 2016 - Germany's Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, has proposed an EU-wide tax on petrol to cover the costs of the refugee crisis. While scepticism towards the European Union and its institutions… Read more

1242 3 in 4 Dutch voters oppose EU association agreement

12 Jan, 2016 - Seventy-five percent of voters in the Netherlands have said they are against the ratification of the European Union’s association agreement with Kiev, according to a… Read more

7539b40c14ada2d0804bfa510a82da2f3d8f78ac3cf99cc6c6c0dd5052e8b85a The Schengen tragedy of the common

7 Jan, 2016 - Schengen is failing. The EU's flagship policy that allowed for the free-movement of people within the EU's borders is unravelling at the seams. When Angela Merkel announced that… Read more


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