AEC_3642 AECR Council elects new board and welcomes two new parties

24 May, 2015 - AECR welcomed two new member parties at its Council Meeting held this Friday in Winchester, South East England. After having been unanimously approved by the Council, both the… Read more

88a0d4d554ed8a7378b422b793478025-kqvE-U4307075901953876B-1224x916@Corriere-Web-Sezioni Italian MEP Raffaele Fitto joins ECR Group

20 May, 2015 - MEP Raffaele Fitto yesterday joined the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group in the European Parliament – Europe’s fastest-growing force calling for EU reform. The news… Read more

Protestors take part in a demonstration British plans for EU reform are an opportunity for all Europeans

18 May, 2015 - The dust is finally settling following the shock victory of the Conservative Party in the UK General Election. Last week, the British Prime Minister appointed ministers to their… Read more

school modul5 (3) AECR and CDI join forces to spread conservative values in Georgia

16 May, 2015 - AECR has offered its support to the Christian Democratic Institute's (CDI) “Conservative School” project, held in Georgia for the third year running. The 5th module, held in… Read more

nazg8axMd1X3wqRBfxpV8GJkd8kvUNLBlI9rDqgELd_QOrnofKLh6OoYjsbqclGs1lHINhJTHSiy3QneIy5gSAWbaV1Il5gS_2P02NuW7kh4NhleoBQ7HZVBju1RIKfosq2f1Sg Nirj Deva MEP: Time to recognise private sector role in international aid

12 May, 2015 - Since its inception, the justification for international development has been universally guided by two fundamental pillars of distinct thought: As a developed nation, Britain should aspire to embrace… Read more

EFSF Sweden's Moderate Youth visit AECR

12 May, 2015 - AECR hosted a delegation of 27 young conservatives from Sweden's Moderate Youth League for a drinks reception in our offices yesterday. The group were visiting Brussels for a few days and… Read more

Image: British Conservatives win general election

8 May, 2015 - The British Conservative Party has secured an unexpected majority following yesterday's UK general election. In a surprise result, the Conservative Party secured 330 seats, their first such result since 1992, and a… Read more

stacks_image_83_1 Thinking Governance before Policy

5 May, 2015 - Good policy can come from both good and bad governance structures. But good policy outcomes should not be enough to justify a governance structure. The AECR believes… Read more

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 23.25.43 AECR supports 25th anniversary of the Latvian Citizens' Congress

1 May, 2015 - In Riga yesterday, Nacionala Apvieniba – with the support of AECR – arranged a solemn meeting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Citizens' Congress of Latvia. The… Read more


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CDPP Conservative School, Tblisi
CDPP Conservative School, Tblisi
CDPP Conservative School, Tblisi
25th anniversary of the Citizens\' Congress of Latvia
25th anniversary of the Citizens\' Congress of Latvia
25th anniversary of the Citizens\' Congress of Latvia