Ráðstefna í dag til heiðurs Rögnvaldi Hannessyni RNH discussing the future of capitalism

19 Aug, 2016 - The Icelandic Research Centre for Innovation and Economic Growth (RNH) organised 17 capitalism events as part of the AECR project "Europe, Iceland and the Future of… Read more

HUNGARY-PUTIN/ Máté Hajba: Is this the right way to reform the EU? Orbán’s dream of Putinesque Hungary

18 Aug, 2016 - Brexit has shaken Europe. While the European Union is still recovering from this blow, yet another referendum threatens its integrity. This time, it has nothing to do… Read more

IcelandCommunism Supported by Moscow: Communism in Iceland

16 Aug, 2016 - The Icelandic Research Centre for Innovation and Economic Growth RNH has highlighted Russia's influence on Iceland during Soviet times. This analysis is part of the joint… Read more

10933-itok=sTWzZzmc Danile Dalton MEP: EU Commission's copyright proposals not fit for digital age

2 Aug, 2016 - Copyright reform has been at the heart of the European Commission's efforts under the digital single market reform programme since that… Read more

eli hazan 2 Fighting together for our values: an Israeli perspective on Europe's terror summer

28 Jul, 2016 - We feel great sorrow when we witness terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and around the world, especially in Europe. For us Israelis, these scenes are all too familiar.… Read more

TurkishParliamentSlogan AECR Press Release – Turkey’s future now hangs in the balance

27 Jul, 2016 - PRESS RELEASE OF THE ALLIANCE OF EUROPEAN CONSERVATIVES AND REFORMISTS (AECR) The AECR is to send a fact-finding mission to Turkey to meet with leading AK Parti… Read more

Germany-terror Bernd Kölmel: the terror has reached Germany

26 Jul, 2016 - AECR member Bernd Kölmel MEP (ALFA) is a former police officer from Germany. The content of his opinion piece does not reflect the official… Read more

Turkeyhope Daniel Hannan: I’m glad the Turkish coup was defeated – but the country’s future now hangs in the balance

25 Jul, 2016 - Daniel Hannan is the Secretary-General of the AECR and an MEP for South-East England. He has kindly permitted this publication. You will find the original article at the… Read more

bajcetic&car Higher Court confirmed sentence of Nikola Bajčetić

22 Jul, 2016 - Yesterday, the Higher Court of Montenegro has confirmed the sentence of the President of the Movement for Changes (PzP) Youth Network, Nikola Bajčetić. Bajčetić was sentenced to three… Read more


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