A display of U.K., Union Jack flags fly in front of The Houses of Parliament, in London, U.K., on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016. U.K. lawmakers are not the only ones bracing for a tough few months before Britain's referendum on its European Union membership. A gauge of expected volatility for the pound near the highest since 2011 shows traders are expecting a rough ride too. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg AECR Press Release – UK Referendum: British Conservatives reaffirm their AECR membership

24 Jun, 2016 - PRESS RELEASE OF THE ALLIANCE OF EUROPEAN CONSERVATIVES AND REFORMISTS (AECR) In yesterday’s referendum, about 52 per cent of the British people voted to leave the European… Read more

IMG_5929 2 Discussing conservatism on Lovćen

23 Jun, 2016 - Last weekend, more than 60 party officials of PzP (Movement for Changes) and young party activists from PzP's Youth Network analysed and discussed conservatism on Lovćen Mountain in… Read more

bundesverfassungsgericht German Constitutional Court rejects legal challenges against ECB

21 Jun, 2016 - Germany's highest court ruled this morning that a legal challenge against the European Central Bank's (ECB) key tool to fight the euro zone’s financial crisis – Outright Monetary… Read more

JoCoxLabour Paul Goodman: An MP is murdered. Shocking, yes – but not at all surprising. The portents were there. This was coming.

17 Jun, 2016 - Paul Goodman is a UK Conservative Party politician and the executive editor of the website ConservativeHome. He was the Member of Parliament for Wycombe from… Read more

AEC_9152 Academic freedom fighter awarded

16 Jun, 2016 - Yesterday, German Professor of Sociology Gunnar Heinsohn (University of Bremen) was awarded with the Liberty Award of the AECR linked think tank New Direction – The… Read more

orlando-pulse-flowers Defending freedom against hateful violence

13 Jun, 2016 - It has been the deadliest mass shooting in American history. At least 50 people were killed and more than 50 others were wounded in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday… Read more

gunnar-heinsohn Liberty Award goes to German Professor

8 Jun, 2016 - Professor Gunnar Heinsohn, a German sociologist residing in Poland, will be given the Liberty Award for his outstanding work on demography, migration and his commitment to… Read more

NATO event ND Pencil it in: top-class event on European security, Brussels, 15 June 2016

7 Jun, 2016 - The Brussels-based think-tank led by Tomasz Poreba MEP, New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform, will present its latest report on future European defence strategy.… Read more

Jerusalem_from_mt_olives Eli Hazan: Unified Jerusalem — a situation report

6 Jun, 2016 - Eli Hazan is the Director of Communications and International Relations at the Israeli Likud Party. The content of his article does not reflect the official opinion… Read more


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