Untitled-2 Civitas study calls for red-lines in UK's EU renegotiation

2 Mar, 2015 - A new wide-ranging study of the UK's position in Europe has appraised the options for reform and has set out the possibilities for the British government in its renegotiation… Read more

Ian Duncan, Conservative MEP for Scotland and member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety 'Now no-one is happy' – Dr. Ian Duncan MEP on the EU's biofuels regulation fiasco

26 Feb, 2015 - In the week when the EU Commission announced its plans for an ambitious EU Energy Union, the Conservative MEP for Scotland, Dr Ian Duncan, revisits the fiasco surrounding… Read more

1617614_868981486474687_2424994085292806206_o AECR parties united in strong support for Ukraine

24 Feb, 2015 - Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine over 5,800 people have been killed and 14,600 injured. Latest figures also suggest that the number of internally displaced persons… Read more

article-2232706-16064087000005DC-962_634x394 Poll - Italians losing faith in the European project

23 Feb, 2015 - A poll commissioned by Demos, a Vicenza-based think-tank, and published in La Repubblica on Monday found that only 27.4 per cent of Italians now trust the European Union. Italy's… Read more

DC-Scotland Securing Scotland's Future

22 Feb, 2015 - More than 900 delegates attended the Scottish Conservative Conference in Edinburgh, last weekend with attendees coming from across Scotland and beyond. The event was widely held to have… Read more

Samopomich leader Samopomich Party remains sceptical of Ukrainian ceasefire

19 Feb, 2015 - The Normandy Format summit on Ukraine, which took place in Minsk last week between the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine, concluded with Russia's President, Vladimir Putin,… Read more

Prosperous_Armenia_logo Prosperous Armenia Party unfairly targeted by ruling Republican Party

16 Feb, 2015 - The Prosperous Armenia Party is under attack from the governing Republican Party and its leader and President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan. Prosperous Armenia have openly declared that they do not support… Read more

Valdemar-Tomasevski-DELFI-Photo-by-K.-Čachovskis Valdemar Tomaševski tops poll in Vilnius mayoral race

13 Feb, 2015 - Lithuanian municipal elections will take place on 1st March this year. During the elections, the mayors of 60 towns and cities will be elected through direct elections for… Read more

ECR Group constitutive meeting New ECR Group Bureau members take office

12 Feb, 2015 - During its first meeting of the new Committee of the Regions mandate, the members of ECR Group re-elected Cllr Gordon Keymer CBE FCA (Leader of Tandridge District Council/UK) as their… Read more



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AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul