roger scruton Roger Scruton on Philosophy, Music & Death

30 Jul, 2015 - For the eleventh issue of The European Conservative, Brazilian journalist Felipe Cherubin interviewed the renowned British writer and philosopher Roger Scruton. The Interview is reproduced here with The European Conservative's… Read more

manila-port How the EU is bad for trade

27 Jul, 2015 - The European Union is a customs union: a free trade area with a common external tariff. This means that member-states are not free to organise their own trade… Read more

19468247716_309fff73e6_z Learning from the Conservative Party's 2015 election victory

15 Jul, 2015 - Once again, the annual Conservative Summer School enjoyed great success this year in London. Between 1-4th July, AECR and the UK Conservatives hosted young politicians from centre-right… Read more

greece_3353016b Don't blame Germany or Greece. Blame the Euro

13 Jul, 2015 - Pieter Cleppe is head of Open Europe's Brussels office. He argues, in this article that originally appeared on the CapX website, that neither Germany nor Greece is… Read more

v2-michael-gove-gtv2 SPEECH: The case for a British Bill of Rights

8 Jul, 2015 - Michael Gove, the Lord Chancellor, is the politest man in Christendom, and one of the cleverest. He was able to make big and benign changes to the the… Read more

srebrenicaa Srebrenica Remembered

7 Jul, 2015 - For almost fifty years, since the end of the Second World War, Europe had known relative peace. But that peace was shattered when war broke out in the… Read more

Assessore_640 Remo Sernagiotto MEP joins the ECR Group

7 Jul, 2015 - MEP Remo Sernagiotto has today joined the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group – Europe’s fastest-growing force for EU reform. The MEP from the northern Veneto region, follows… Read more

Sreb 20 years on from Srebrenica: survivors to speak in Strasbourg

3 Jul, 2015 - Srebrenica survivors to speak in Strasbourg UK Prime Minister says we failed them in their “hour of need” MEPs to honour those massacred in 1995, in… Read more

cameron_aptopix_britain_election_Master Winning Elections – The Components of a Successful Election Campaign

1 Jul, 2015 - The International Youth Summer School 2015 is taking place in London from the 1-4th July. The Summer School has been an annual Conservative International Office event since 2008… Read more


The case for a British Bill of Rights
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