624189-tony-abbott The EU could learn a lot from Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party of Australia

15 Oct, 2014 - The EU's institutions are losing popular support. The EU's economy is in a never-ending crisis. Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Australia continues to thrive.… Read more

Lord Hill AECR Commission nominee Lord Hill approved by ECON committee

8 Oct, 2014 - Lord Hill, the British government's nominee for the European Commission, was approved by the Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) Committee after his second hearing in the European Parliament… Read more

IMF1 IMF report revises eurozone growth downwards

8 Oct, 2014 - The IMF has once again included downward revisions for the Eurozone in its latest World Economic Outlook. The fund said that there is now a 40% chance the currency bloc… Read more

zile Successful elections for Latvia's conservatives

5 Oct, 2014 - Successful results in Latvian general election for AECR member party National Alliance VL-TB/LNNK. The conservative National Alliance "All For Latvia!" – "For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK" achieved a successful result… Read more

richard_sulik_tlacovka_novy_image_13_sita SaS leader Richard Sulík leaves ALDE and applies to join ECR

2 Oct, 2014 - The MEP and leader of the Slovak opposition party Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), Richard Sulík, has left the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and applied… Read more

photo Owen Paterson MP: 'Brussels must return powers to member states'

30 Sep, 2014 - The Rt. Hon. Owen Paterson MP has called on Brussels to return legislative powers to the member states to repair the damaging effects of some of the EU's worst… Read more

osce_elections_in_bulgaria Bulgaria's 43rd National Assembly to be elected on October 5th

26 Sep, 2014 - Bulgaria will hold parliamentary elections on October 5th following the collapse and resignation of the Socialist led government in August. A corruption scandal caused mass protests which finally brought down… Read more

UKRAINE-EU/REACTION Daniel Hannan: eurosceptics should support Ukrainian sovereignty

25 Sep, 2014 - Following his return from a fact-finding mission to Ukraine this week, our Secretary-General has written about the Ukrainian crisis on his Daily Telegraph blog. In his analysis,… Read more

NZ National Party New Zealand National Party wins again

21 Sep, 2014 - New Zealand's governing National Party has won an emphatic victory in Saturday's general election. Our Secretary-General, Daniel Hannan, congratulated the National Party and their leader John Key… Read more



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