Grenze_Liechtenstein,_Balzers Kohl Martínez: Liberty and Austrian Economics in the Principality of Liechtenstein

20 Jul, 2016 - Andreas Kohl Martínez has kindly permitted this publication. The content of his opinion piece does not reflect the official opinion of the AECR. Responsibility for the information and… Read more

ConservativeSchool07-2016 Policy toward a new vision for Europe

18 Jul, 2016 - Last week in Westminster, London, European reformists discussed a new vision for Europe and learned skills in policy development. The AECR and UK Conservative Party hosted a delegation of… Read more

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 02.36.13 AECR condemns military coup in Turkey

16 Jul, 2016 - AECR condemns tonight’s attempted military coup in Turkey by an unidentified fraction of the army against the government of Binalli Yldirim. AECR calls for calm and restraint on… Read more

EUROPE-ATTACKS/NICE AECR President condemns sickening Bastille Day attack in France

15 Jul, 2016 - Jan Zahradil MEP, President of the AECR, strongly condemned last night’s horrific terrorist attack in Nice. On behalf of the AECR, I condemn in the strongest terms… Read more

EYCSummerCamp2 EYC discussing security policy in Georgia

14 Jul, 2016 - Last weekend, the European Young Conservatives (EYC) discussed terrorism and the threat of a Russian intervention in Eastern Europe at an annual EYC event in Tbilisi, Georgia.… Read more

About-Burundi Entrepreneurs are sowing seeds of hope in Burundi

13 Jul, 2016 - By Joe Ware – @wareisjoe Farmers in southern Burundi are some of the poorest people in the world.  High population density, small land holdings, unpredictable climate… Read more

JZ_DH_PzP Congratulations, PzP!

13 Jul, 2016 - The AECR congratulates its Montenegrin member Movement for Changes (PzP) on its 10-year party anniversary. PzP was founded in 2002 as a NGO by economists and academics.… Read more

british-eu-flags-oneway Ex-Eurocrat: it was tough, working as a Brit in Brussels when UK interest was waning

12 Jul, 2016 - Joanne Fry works in policy in UK local government. She has kindly permitted this publication. The content of her opinion piece does not reflect the official… Read more

AECR Antalya Video Cover AECR to continue to work closely with MENA partners

11 Jul, 2016 - In March this year, the AECR held the Conservative and Reformists Initiative (CRI) Summit in Antalya, Turkey. The summit was the third major conference the AECR has held… Read more


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