article23801_10168 Adopt the euro? I shouldn't think so.

28 Aug, 2015 - Ms. Beata Szydlo, Deputy Leader of Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party, has called on the government to “withdraw plans to introduce the euro” altogether. Except the United Kingdom and Denmark… Read more

tcs_highRes The "EU = Single Market" Fallacy

27 Aug, 2015 - In a BBC interview today, the Tata Group became the next business to make the fallacy of equating membership of the EU with membership of the European Single Market. Members of… Read more

french-economy-and The Dangers and Opportunities of Macron’s ‘Eurozone Transfer Union’ for Eurosceptics

26 Aug, 2015 - Yesterday French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron visited Berlin with the intent of establishing Franco-German consensus on the need for deeper economic integration in the Eurozone. This move follows months… Read more

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at a press conference at the EU Headquarters on February 8, 2013 in Brussels, on the last day of a two-day European Union leaders summit. After 24 hours of talks lasting through the night, European Union leaders finally clinched a deal on the bloc's next 2014-2020 budget, summit chair  and EU president Herman Van Rompuy said Friday.  AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS Let’s Keep the EU Renegotiation Simple

14 Aug, 2015 - by Tim Ambler Subsidiarity Perhaps it is only since Tony Blair gave away so much of John Major’s negotiation of the Maastricht Treaty signed… Read more

DeMint-King-v.-Burwell-Op-Ed-1250x650 Senator Jim DeMint on the importance of limited government and the Trans-Atlantic alliance

12 Aug, 2015 - On May 22 2015, the AECR presented their first-ever Edmund Burke award to Heritage President Jim DeMint for his work to advance conservative principles. In his acceptance… Read more

14113199 Syed Kamall MEP: The ECR is advancing the cause of enterprise, free trade and open markets

7 Aug, 2015 - Headlines about the EU have mostly focused on Greece and the migrant crisis in recent months. But in the European Parliament, MEPs have focused on more than… Read more

conquest_news Robert Conquest – historian, victorious Cold Warrior, poet and lover of the limerick

6 Aug, 2015 - It takes a real effort of will, nowadays, to recall how fashionable Marxism-Leninism used to be in Western intellectual circles. Revolutionary socialism was seen, not only as morally… Read more

69088-bejaia-statue-de-ibn-khaldoun What can Ibn Khaldun teach us about the world today?

3 Aug, 2015 - Ed West – who writes for the Spectator, is deputy editor of the Catholic Herald and author of The Silence of Our Friends and 1215 and All That – has a new… Read more

roger scruton Roger Scruton on Philosophy, Music & Death

30 Jul, 2015 - For the eleventh issue of The European Conservative, Brazilian journalist Felipe Cherubin interviewed the renowned British writer and philosopher Roger Scruton. The Interview is reproduced here with The European Conservative's… Read more


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