circustent2 The 'travelling circus' that never stops

27 Apr, 2015 - French President Francois Hollande said on Sunday that he would never allow Strasbourg to be stripped of its status as a European capital despite the huge cost of shuttling… Read more

AECR pol project PiS holds "Poland: the Great Project" Conference

21 Apr, 2015 - Poland's Law and Justice Party (PiS), with the support of the AECR, held a conference on the 28 March which discussed a number of important issues and what potential solutions… Read more

Launching event European Conservative and Reformists political family joins forces to push decision-making back towards citizens

17 Apr, 2015 - The ECR groups in the Committee of the Regions and the European Parliament, with the support of the AECR, have formed a new policy group – the Policy… Read more

Mack-Maine-ft.-Royce-Da-59-Talib-Kweli-Genocide-620x414 Daniel Hannan: What constitutes a genocide?

15 Apr, 2015 - A hundred years ago next week, Talaat Pasha, the Ottoman Interior Minister, ordered the deportation of 250 Armenian intellectuals from Constantinople to the Anatolian interior. The date of… Read more

EU-democracy The EU is fed up with democracy

13 Apr, 2015 - The result of Greece's last democratic elections is continuing to frustrate EU officials. So much so that they are now openly calling for the ruling Syriza party of Alexis… Read more

scottish-independence Scottish voters prefer EU referendum over a second independence vote

9 Apr, 2015 - An Ipsos Mori poll has found that Scottish voters would rather have a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union than a second independence vote. The poll for… Read more

Port_of_Hamburg-Waltershof_Sebastian European continent continues to lead the way in climate pledges – and economic stagnation

1 Apr, 2015 - Only a handful of countries have followed the European Union's lead and handed in climate emissions pledges before the 31 March deadline decided upon at the UN climate… Read more

11084249_881551781884324_8201309094212471712_n Ruža Tomašić named leader of new Croatian Conservative Party

25 Mar, 2015 - In front of more than a thousand people in Zagreb on Saturday, our member Ruža Tomašić was unanimously elected as President of the new Croatian Conservative Party… Read more

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 16.27.43 Open Europe: A free trading Britain could prosper outside the EU

24 Mar, 2015 - A new Open Europe report to be launched this evening in Westminster has found that an outward-looking Britain would prosper outside the EU. The report found… Read more


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AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul
AECR attends IDU Leaders\' meeting in Seoul