Religion VS Politics Syed Kamall: on religion and politics

2 May, 2016 - What do moral values mean? Dr Syed Kamall MEP is Muslim and the leader of the ECR Group in the European Parliament. In his opening speech of the… Read more

1328606358007 kl Jan Zahradil: No obvious alternative to TTIP

29 Apr, 2016 - The fight against TTIP is largely ideological. No arguments are forthcoming beyond a general opposition to the United States and against trade liberalisation in general. These two themes… Read more

Digital Single Market Improving Europe's Digital Single Market

27 Apr, 2016 - The Brussels-based think-tank led by Tomasz Poreba MEP, New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform, will present its latest report on the Digital Single Market… Read more

AECR M1 1 PzP holding School of Modern Conservativism in Montenegro

26 Apr, 2016 - In recent days, 23 party officials of Montenegro’s PzP party (Movement for Change) and young party activists have been studying the importance of the Reykjavík Declaration… Read more

Queen+Cameron Queen puts Britain above European fray

21 Apr, 2016 - Not all conservatives are monarchists, but British conservatives tend to be. Conservatives are united by their reverential regard for what good has gone before, and a determination and… Read more

Her Majesty the Queen during her visit to HMS Ocean in Devonport today.

PLYMOUTH based Helicopter Carrier, HMS Ocean, has welcomed Her Majesty The Queen to preside over a ceremony to rededicate the Ship.

The Rededication Ceremony, held at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Devonport, took place to officially welcome the vessel back in to the Fleet after a multi-million pound refit.

During her time with the Ship, The Queen inspected the 96 man Royal Guard and Queen’s Colour before embarking for a short capability demonstration and meeting members of the Ship’s Company and their families. David Cameron: Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

21 Apr, 2016 - Today British Prime Minister David Cameron said: On behalf of the whole country, I want to wish Her Majesty the Queen a very special 90th birthday. Her Majesty has devoted… Read more

Mediterranean_fishermen Strengthening small scale fishermen and coastal communities

18 Apr, 2016 - The European Parliament has backed proposals that would ensure small scale fishermen and coastal communities are strengthened. The report, drafted by Croatian ECR MEP Ruza Tomasic, on small-scale… Read more

13020585_10209615599206523_1381524409_n Montenegro: youth opposition leader imprisoned

13 Apr, 2016 - A Montenegrin youth opposition politician has been sentenced to three months in prison on Monday following his arrest during anti-government demonstrations in the capital last autumn. On trial… Read more

20150416_anneleenvanbossuyt_brussel-8 Van Bossuyt: Better regulation in an efficient Single Market

12 Apr, 2016 - Today, the European Parliament will vote on ECR MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt's report on better regulation in the internal market. The report focuses on a competitive regulatory environment,… Read more


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